About Us


Life is like a musical composition with musical notes set in a manner to enlighten and amaze the mind. Miniscule sand grains combine to form majestic mountains and yet each water droplet holds a rainbow within. While every brush stroke is one step closer to Monet, Van Gogh and Picasso, a simple brick can lay the foundation to reveal imprints in time such as the great Pyramids, majestic Colosseum, leaning Tower of Pisa and more!

Just as the symphony of life is composed of simple sand grains and water droplets, we can help personalize your concept or idea. Consider an idea-our seed that will become a masterpiece once nurtured under the canopy of “simple”. Simple provides a platform to give exclusivity to everything you own, want to gift, or create a market for. Our sophisticated software and one-of-a kind products can cater to your personalized needs. The range includes, but is not limited to, customizable footwear, acrylic transparent boxes, wooden coloring sets, clothing and much more!

Artist corner is another landmark which we are really proud to share with our community. We have collaborated with diverse artists to bring you the best in the market.

Browse away and individualize any and every product you pick! “Simple” brings meaning to every item you choose. As a leaf captures sunlight, “Simple” captures the light in an idea!