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Infuser Bottle
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Infuser Bottle

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Water Bottles with fruit infuser are the latest trend in gift items.

They have a special design which allows users to infuse fruits with water and make a healthy mixture, which will keep them hydrated in the most delicious way!

These custom water bottles can be used for sports, yoga, gym and outdoor activities. These Infuser water bottles come with separate chambers to hold fruit. Usage of these bottles is rather simple.

Simply, chop up some fruits, and toss them inside the bottle to enjoy the goodness of a healthy and refreshing drink. This makes these water bottles a highly usable item, which means they are sure to promote your brand to its full potential.

These reliable water bottles are made up of PS and Tristan, which is a safe to use and durable plastic. These drink wares and water bottles are provided in a variety of colors such as, red, blue and white. They have a capacity of 700ml, which means they are sure to provide you with water for a long time. 

Size: 68x245mm (700 ML)

Printing Option: Screen Printing

Available Colors: Blue, Black Red and White.

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